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creating a pdf

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You can use links to initiate actions or to ensure that your reader has immediate access to related information

Default Leader Length (Distance Tool only) Specifies the length of the line leader that appears on one side of the measurement pointsDefault Leader Extension Above Line (Distance Tool only) Specifies the length of the leader extension that appears above the measurement line

creating a pdf

Default Leader Offset From Line Points (Distance Tool only) Specifies the amount of blank space that appears between the measurement points and the leader2D Snap Settings Specify snap behaviorSensitivity indicates how close the pointer must be to the item being snapped to

creating a pdf

Snap Hint Color specifies the color of the snap line that appears when you hold the pointer over the objectView cursor coordinates The Cursor Coordinates show the coordinate position of the pointer within the document pane

creating a pdf

The position numbering begins in the upper-left corner of the document

Cursor Coordinates also shows the width and height of a selected object as you resize it(This option is on when checked, and off when not checked

) Change the text appearance of a bookmark You can change the appearance of a bookmark to draw attention to itIn the Bookmarks panel, select one or more bookmarks

(Acrobat only) To change the color and style of the text, choose View > Show/Hide > Toolbars Items > Properties BarNote: After you have defined a bookmark’s appearance, you can reuse the appearance settings

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