Reviews from England, USA, Spain and Germany.
“More Artist than Showman” – THE TIMES, London, UK

“ Gilbert Biberian is one of the most original and creative spirits active in the field of the guitar, now or at any other time” – Colin Cooper, CLASSICAL GUITAR.

“Gilbert Biberian is emerging as one of the Giants of 20th Century Guitar”. SOUNDBOARD, USA. (1979)

“Not only is the sound utterly refined in quality but the broad dynamic range is vital and exciting” BIRMINGHAM POST, UK.

“Gilbert Biberian has long been a major force in bringing the guitar to the forefront of contemporary music-making, especially through his guitar ensemble” HAMPSTEAD AND HIGHGATE PRESS, UK

“Admirable for his personality and authenticity, and above all, for his great creativity” ESPECTACULOS, Cordoba, Spain.

Gilbert Biberian and Cordoba’s City Orchestra performed J Haydn’s Concerto in C Major for Guitar and Orchestra, conducted by Luis Bedmar. Biberian showed himself to be the great musician that he is…having great security and brilliant moments..” SERVICIOS, Cordoba, Spain.

“ A guitarist musically aware of his own times “ DAILY TELEGRAPH, London, UK, (1969)

“Twelve Preludes by Mr Biberian were entertaining, easy on the ear, and skilfully written to display the instrument in many characters” Hugo Cole, COUNTRY LIFE, UK

“Ingenious Biberian!” Colin Cooper, CLASSICAL GUITAR, UK.

“His concert showed clearly that he belongs to the international, outstanding, crème of guitarists.”
“…a thoughtful musician…outstanding technique…great sensitivity”
“Sometimes it seemed hard to believe what a richness of colours Biberian drew from the guitar”

“Biberian presented himself as a master of nuances…such wealth of sound colours has never been heard before in the Cultural Centre, Hardtberg. But the most beautiful and most interesting moments in Biberian’s concert came when his guitar seemed to turn itself, like in a magician’s hands, into a long-neck lute, as in ‘Haydar, Haydar’”
Jürgen Bieler, BONNER RUNDSCHAU, Germany. November 2001.

“Biberian’s phenomenal technique not only let the expressive light shine through both works, but also imbued each of those highly improvisatory essays with a clear idea of structure” MILWAUKEE SENTINEL, USA.