Gilbert Biberian, guitarist and composer...

Gilbert Biberian is one of the most innovative performers and composers working in the field of the guitar today. His concerts are greeted with much acclaim for their high quality of artistry and musical energy. Keenly aware of the importance of creating a new body of work for the guitar, Gilbert Biberian has stimulated much original composition and along with his own works he has enriched the repertoire of the instrument for all time.

A strong believer in the immense value of chamber music, he was the first to form a guitar ensemble of professional standing, The Omega Players in 1969. This was a group of ten guitarists who numbered amongst them a singer, composers, percussionists and bass players. The music composed for it reflects this considerable diversity of talent in it. Composers such as Elisabeth Lutyens, Reginald Smith Brindle, David Bedford and John Lambert composed works which are distinguished by their musical substance as well as by their adventurousness.

The Omega Guitar Quartet, formed at the same time, emerged in 1974, with appearances at the Wigmore Hall, in the first English festival of ensembles of guitar, presenting a vast array of new works and arrangements. The Omega Guitar Quartet went on to plough a furrow for the next ten years, pioneering new works and touring many countries.

Gilbert worked frequently as a studio musician, playing on the sound tracks of numerous films, including the James Bond film, License to Kill, Yentle and Cuba.  The fame of the The Omega Guitar Quartet inspired film composer, Stanley Myers, to score for them as a prominent feature on the sound track of one of his films, The Stones of Ibarra. His studio career brought him into contact with such musicians as Sir Paul McCartney, Henri Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, Mick Jagger and many others. His work in the classical field saw him working with Luciano Berio, Cathy Berberian, Pierre Boulez and the BBC Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic and Sir Simon Rattle, The London Sinfonietta, Lontano and many others.

His career as a soloist has taken him to many countries of the world as far a field as New Zealand, Canada and Venezuela. He has played in Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy Germany and Greece. His concert career as a soloist continues with planned visits to South America, South Africa, the Middle East as well as the Far East.